Miniature Pins​chers & Chinese Crested


The Shaw puppy buying process: 

Reserving a puppy- A non-refundable deposit and a signed purchase contract/health guarantee are required to reserve a puppy.

Puppies sold as companions are sold with a spay/neuter agreement. No exceptions.

Show prospects are sold on a co-ownership until they receive their AKC CH title and then I sign will off of their papers.  

Leaving home- Ten weeks is the minimum age I will let my puppies go to their new homes. Some puppies wean faster than others. I will not let a puppy leave until I feel comfortable that it is ready to leave my home.

Veterinarian’s Certificate of Health- Every puppy will be examined by my veterinarian within one or two days prior to leaving for their new home. The puppy’s microchip number will be documented on the Health Certificate as proof your specific puppy was examined.

Receiving your new puppy- Picking up your new family member in person is always welcome. However, for the health and safety of my dogs, I do not allow visitors into my nursery.

When a long distance is involved; a short plane ride versus a long car ride is best for the puppy.

I make all of the airline reservations for you. You will simply go to the airport and pick up your puppy. 

Shipping is not stressful (as some who are not licensed to legally ship will claim). The puppy is safely in a crate regardless of whether it is in a vehicle or on a plane.

Third party couriers- I will not use a Pet Nanny or Ground transporters. First of all, very few are properly licensed. Secondly, I do not want a stranger hauling my puppy all over the country. In the extreme situation (weather) I am unable to secure a flight for your puppy, I will personally fly with the puppy in the cabin or you can fly to pick up your puppy.

Payment- I accept cash or PayPal. Payment in full is required at the time I make the shipping reservations (14 days before leaving) or at the time of picking up in person.

Pictures- I will be the first to admit taking pictures of a wiggly puppy who would rather lick my face than pose for a picture is my least favorite task as a breeder.

Please be patient when it comes to receiving updated pictures of your baby. I am on the road traveling to dog shows a great deal. I have live in help who takes excellent care of my dogs in my absence. However, I will not burden them with the task of taking pictures.

I do make every attempt to take pictures or videos every two weeks.

Health Guarantee/Purchase Agreement- located at the bottom of the available page.